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At WOODBED CORP we are always looking to improve any way we can. Every year we put away a little something to improve the way we do things. Listed below are a couple things we’re working on right now.

  • Excavator: We’ve added a Cat 320E Excavator to our growing list of equipment. This gives us more capability for loading material. Not only at our location but also on remote sites.

  • New GrinderWith over 700 horsepower, this machine has given us higher productivity and a more consistent product. It also gives us the ability to keep up with any amount of demand, furthering your confidence in us always having products and being able to get them there. Our grinders are part of the reason we can guarantee next day delivery.

  • Automated Grinding/Dying Process: We have come up with an automated system for grinding and dying products. This STATE OF THE ART system lets us grind, dye, and run a loader with ONE OPERATOR and is controlled remotely inside the loader.

  • Mobile Grinding ServicesOur new grinder is also a plus in the Mobile Grinding aspect of our business. Being on tracks rather than wheels and controlled from a handheld remote, this grinder gives us the ability to process material at a very high rate no matter where it is located. We can come to your yard to grind your material for around $2-$3 per yard.

  • Paving: (updated Dec 2017) We have added concrete under the raw material for the dyed product. This is to prevent contaminants when loading into the grinder. We’ve also added blacktop under the finished Triple Ground. Blacktop under the Triple Ground now gives us black top under all the finished products. This is why our material is the cleanest on the market.  The product doesn’t touch the ground until either your yard or your customer’s.

  • Expansion: We’ve added additional 10 acres to the yard, putting our yard near 40 acres. We have a few ideas of what to do with the initial space, but you can bet that it will be put to use to better the products that we offer.

  • Stacker: The space that we do have needs to be optimized. Our new radial stacker lets us do that. The stacker is the first the company has offered that can be rotated while in use!

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 20170815 070209 Blacktop Under Triple 
 Grinder  Grinder