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The Yard

With 40+ acres and unlimited inventory we have the materials, equipment, and staff to get the job done.

The Product

Harvested locally and manufactured using 100% virgin wood fiber, our products are of a very high quality.

The Crew

Our hardworking, dedicated family will exceed all expectations.

The Service

Quick and reliable service is our #1 priority.



PREMIUM landscape mulches maufactured from 100% virgin fiber.


Wood Chips

Clean yard chips maufactured using quality material at competive rates.

woodcarpet home


State certified playground surface that minimizes damages from falls.

Filter Fiber

Filter Fiber

State certified solidification and silt sock media.

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Dec 08 2013

Welcome to WOODBED CORP & DeLullo Trucking Corp

WOODBED CORP, located in rural Saint Marys, Pennsylvania is a premium wood product supplier and trucking company.

Our wood products are some of the highest quality in the tri-state area with a concentration in premium bark mulch. Containing 100% virgin fiber, we guarantee each load to be consistent, uniform, and uncontaminated.

With a massive trucking fleet and 29 years in the trucking business we will offer competitive rates with unbeatable service and reliability. Our employees and truckers are dedicated to our company and the service we provide. We will work until the early hours of the morning to ensure efficient, clean, reliable delivery.


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Products & Services:
  • Dyed Mulches: Vivid Red, Premium Black, Cherry Brown, Chocolate Brown
  • Undyed Mulches: Premium Single Ground Bark, Premium Double Ground Bark, Premium Triple Ground Bark, Fresh Hardwood Bark, Double Ground Mulch, Double Ground Hemlock, and Playground Mulches
  • Firewood: Cut & Split
  • Sawdust: Green and Kiln Dried
  • Salt: Bulk and Bagged
  • Solidification and Erosion Control Media: Filter Fiber #2, #3
  • Raw Silt Sock
  • Compost
  • Hard Coal: Stove, Rice, Nut, Pea, and Buck
  • Premium Wood Pellets



  • Truck & Trailer Services: Lowboy, Log, Walking Floor, Flatbed, and Triaxle Dump Truck
  • Mobile Grinding Services

Mission Statement

To maintain our own private fleet and our own value added processing yard for best in class services, safety, and sustainable process. 

  1. Respect for all team members.

  2. Service to our customers.

  3. Passion, to be always trying to make things better.

Our Memberships

Listed are the following associations we are a member of: